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Dear Parent


“How to Know If Your Child is Gifted…
and How You Can Homeschool Gifted Children!”

Know For Sure If Your Child Is Gifted!

Dear Parent,

Has your child exhibited some talent or above average ability? Is she really smart? Does he have great aptitude in sports?

Do you wonder if your child is gifted?

Have you considered testing your child for giftedness? What test would be the best one? What are the signs of giftedness or characteristics of giftedness?

As a parent of a budding academic and athletic daughter, I have wrestled with these same questions. I have wondered if my child is gifted. Or maybe she is talented. What is the difference?

So I began a quest to discover if my child is gifted and what I should be doing about it.

Along the way, I realized that there are many definitions of giftedness. Some may even surprise you. And I wondered what the Bible says about gifted children. Does it say anything about them? Indeed, it does!

A big question I had was:

Can You Homeschool a Gifted Child?

The laws for homeschooling are different in each state in the USA (and other countries handle it differently, too). So I wanted to know the laws that applied. What were my choices in terms of curriculum, courses, testing, etc? Should I start her out in regular Kindergarten or consider a Montessori school? What about unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Mary Pride, Thomas Jefferson Education, or some other method of homeschooling?

I found the information I needed to make wise decisions for my daughter. I have other friends who also had similar questions. I realized that it is common to wonder if your child is gifted. So I compiled the data I found into a great ebook.

Know If Your Child Is Gifted

Know For Sure If Your Child Is Gifted

This ebook will walk you through defining giftedness, help you to know what you can do about homeschooling, and show you two full letter-size pages of resources with internet links.

One of my favorite quotes is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.: “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” That’s how you’ll feel after reading this ebook!

Buy the book today and find out if your child is gifted