Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschool

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschool


What are the reasons parents homeschool?

Parents homeschool for various reasons, but the primary reason is a concern for their children’s education. They may also choose to homeschool their child for religious reasons or because they want to teach them about a specific topic. Many people believe that schools do not prepare students for life in today’s modern society. Homeschooling allows families to customize learning for each child.  This provides options ranging from standard subjects to specialized instruction.

How does homeschooling help with student success over traditional school choices?

As the parents are the main teachers of their children, they are able to shape the learning environment to meet their individual needs and desires. This helps students develop academic skills and life skills, such as organizational, problem solving, creativity, and communication. The learning process becomes fun since there is no pressure on a child to learn certain subjects. Some parents like that they are able to spend more time with their children and teach them in ways that are more meaningful. Homeschoolers also tend to receive better grades than their public school counterparts.

What are the expenses in homeschool?

Homeschooling families typically spend about $20 – $500 per month.  This depends on how much they need to buy supplies, what type of education method they use, how long they have homeschooled, the inclusion of enrichment programs, enrollment in extracurricular activities, and more. Homeschooling families may need to purchase educational materials, such as books, art supplies, science equipment, computers, and membership fees. These costs can vary based on the needs and preferences of each family.

Why do parents ‘unschool’ before choosing a homeschool curriculum?

Many parents choose ‘unschooling’ before they start homeschooling because they want to see how things go first. Others want to simply get out of the routine of public school first and find what works best for them. Many ‘unschoolers’ use traditional learning materials like books, workbooks, textbooks, etc. They just learn from these materials, rather than doing workbook exercises, or listening to lesson plans. Also, some parents believe that a structured environment would make their children lose interest in learning.

Why do homeschool students have an advantage over traditional school students?

Homeschooling is a form of education in which parents oversee the majority of academic programs. These families typically use the Internet, books, magazines, DVDs, enrichment programs, service-learning, and leadership development groups to supplement the learning experience. Home Learning may take place during any stage of growth, even if the child is enrolled in a traditional school.

In general, homeschoolers tend to be more independent learners and more innovative. They also enjoy greater freedom to pursue personal interests and they are able to devote more time to study subjects of interest to them. The advantages of homeschooling are numerous and include better academic results; increased socialization; reduced stress; greater independence; and more self-confidence.

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