How To Help Your Gifted Child Learn for Lifetime Achievement

The Right Way To Help A Gifted Child Learn – How To Help

Some people value education because they want to gain more financial independence or they want to be well-rounded. Others value education because they feel it is important to increase their earning power, achieve socioeconomic status, or simply be a well-rounded person.

The first step in starting a gifted child’s learning process is to cultivate an attitude of achievement, growth, and eagerness.

If you want to make it easier for your children to be successful, there are some things you can do to help them.

Some of these include:


How to Set up Routine Habits

In order to achieve in the long term, it is crucial to create the habits that will set students up for success. It can take a little bit of time to instill, but the benefits will be long-lasting.

Look at all the successful professionals who follow a routine in their lives.

For example:

● Engineers are used to reading scientific discoveries and exploring the results.

● Bodybuilders go to the gym every day

● Firefighters put on their protective gear as quickly and safely as possible.

● Daily Logistics and patient care are two parts of a doctor’s job

● Police use the standard procedure when clearing a crime scene.

You can tell your gifted child that other professionals use a set of daily routines to perform their jobs. This will help them to understand the importance of routines.

Your gifted child needs to have a routine that includes a set time for social, academic, and intellectual development.


What are the typical educational routines?


Look at these routines:

  • Reading before school and Doing homework after school
  • Making a list of assigned house chores and homework tasks for each subject
  • Reviewing academic subjects with your student each day
  • Preparing and eating a healthy meal at the same time each day


Educational Check-In – How Does It Work?

As parents and guardians, we have our own busy lives to deal with, but it is important to keep in mind that our gifted children are also growing and learning. Parents and guardians need to find a balance between our time and theirs.

It is critical that parents take time each day to ask about learning progress and subject matters.

For example, some daily questions to ask could include:

● What are some exciting things that happened in class?

● Can you teach me 3 things that you learned about (name of the subject studied that day)

● How can we apply what you learned in…

● Tell me the most surprising thing that happened today…

● Will you share what you did with your scholar mates today?

For the younger students, having a more in-depth conversation related to their real-world experience is important.


How to Motivate with Healthy Rewards

Giving gifted children money to do well in school can be beneficial. Some parents give money to their gifted children for doing well in school, but you should be aware that this can be done in a responsible way.

The basic idea is to motivate scholars with external rewards, but then make it part of their internal reward system.

Some things that you can do to boost student motivation include;
– Set a routine for your scholars,
– Reward children who show they are willing to do the work,
– Encourage your child to get involved with sports or activities, and
– Help your scholar to achieve their academic goals.


A gifted child can achieve a lifetime of learning with healthy motivation, accountability, and routines.  Parents can guide their scholar through the process of learning through self-discovery and self-reliance.

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